A Colon Cleanse Vs a Master Cleanse

As part of the new diet trend, there have been a plethora of innovation and revelations concerning what’s really effective. One of the more popular trends has been body cleanses. Body cleanses normally consist of taking herbal or chemical-based supplements that allow the body to extreme toxins, impurities and waste from the body. In the past couple years, there’s been a debate about the effectiveness of these products as well as controversy of their use.

The debate centers around Colon cleansing versus a body cleansing. The debate has been about which one is better. Colon cleansing has been leaked to everything from vitality, weight loss and digestive health. Most of these claims come from the fact that a clean colon is essential in the digestive process. Colon cleansers removes waste from the body allowing more effective digestive process take place. With the digestive process working properly, fat, cholesterol and other impurities have no way of being passed through the bloodstream. The initial effects of using the Colon cleanser appears to some as a liberating experience and in some cases it has contributes to weight loss; but the facts are not medically founded. This does not mean that Colon cleansing does not work with regards to overall health.

Body cleansing a.k.a. Master cleanse encompasses two or more of the main systems of the body; the pulmonary and the digestive system are usually the focus of the Master cleanse. Master cleanses often contain natural herbs that trigger the body to dispose of waste. They use niacin to claims the bloodstream and other herbs that formulate a colon cleanse. While there is a debate as to which one is more effective, the obvious choice would be the Master cleanse saying that it includes a colon cleansing component. I have read in several magazine articles that challenge the effectiveness of a Master cleanse and it’s Colon cleansing component. So the jury is not in one which is best. I would suggest doing your research and asking questions to a qualified healthcare specialists or herbalist. In any case make sure you’re picking the one that’s right for you.

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