Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Review

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse is among the products of a company that helps in keeping individuals healthy which has been established 20 years ago. Unlike other products, Blessed Herbs has some components which are as follows: a toxin absorber, digestive stimulator, a dosage calendar, glass jar shaker and a user guide. It also comes with two different formulas: peppermint and ginger. The peppermint formula is intended for individuals with increased body temperature while ginger is for individuals who tend to be easily chilled.

The toxin absorber in the product uses psyllium husk seeds and bentonite clay to draw toxins out from the body. This needs to be taken 5 times per day, or every 3 hours. On the other hand, the digestive stimulator is made up of a combination of herbs like dandelion root, licorice, aloe and cascara sagrada bark which should be taken before bedtime. Within Blessed Herbs are 3 different ways of cleansing the colon, it may be 8-days, 9-days which is preferred and 30-days. A nutritional guide is supplied while the person undergoes the process of cleansing however there is no specific instructions regarding the dosage a person should take.

Before starting the Blessed Herbs, you must first go through a 5-day period of steadily decreasing your intake in preparation for your fasting which is termed as the pre-cleanse period. During the process of cleansing, you are advised to only consume clear liquids wherein this part is considered the most difficult part of the process. The person may experience headaches, cramps and bloating during this period.

Blessed Herbs has been popular especially because of its official website that is full of information regarding different health problems. They as well provide a clear answer to frequently asked questions plus pictures, video clips, recommendations from their consumers. The ingredients as well in the product are natural and organic thus best for vegans. Furthermore, the manufacture offers a 90-days money back guarantee for unhappy customers.

However, the product also has its drawbacks including the fact that is quite expensive compared with other colon cleansing products since it cost around $89.50 for an 8 day colon detox program. Other customers have also reported that they experienced allergic reactions, stomach cramps, bloating, headaches and other detox discomfort. The website doesn’t also offer a warning that Cascara Sagrada bark causes certain side effects. Bentonite clay, a derivative of aluminum, also is a questionable ingredient since it was derived from a heavy metal. Lastly, the product is not supported with any clinical studies or tests that support its safety and efficiency.

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