Why Do I Always Feel Full? – No Matter What I Eat I Feel Bloated & Full

Are you constantly wondering “why do I always feel full?” If so then today I’ll reveal to you exactly what’s causing all your bloating no matter what you eat. You may be surprised to find out what’s in fact making you always feel full. First though I’ll provide some tips to immediately start reducing your bloating so that you can start getting some relief!

Tips to Help Reduce Bloating & a Feeling of Fullness

#1 – Chew Food Thoroughly: Why is this important? Well your mouth activates the first digestive enzyme in your body to begin breaking down carbohydrates such as starches and sugars. If you don’t chew your food thoroughly you’re also left with improperly broken down food travelling through your body. You should chew food until it’s a soft paste in the mouth, generally this can take 40+ chews, it might seem strange at first but you’ll find you feel much better for doing it.

#2 – Avoid Dairy/Wheat: The 2 most common dietary sensitivities that people can have. As much as 50% in fact of the population is estimated to suffer from allergies/sensitivities due to wheat and dairy, they both cause a thick, sticky bowel which causes constipation, irritation and general poor digestive health amongst other things. Drop them both out of the diet for a week and see the difference, you’ll also become aware just how prevalent both these foods are if you happen to eat processed food.

The Cause for Why You Feel Full No Matter What!

In all of us reside billions, even trillions of micro-organisms some of which help our health, some hinder it. The bottom line is that a yeast known as candida albicans that when thriving in a body will cause significant fermentation and gas as a result. This creates a feeling of always being full or having to go to the washroom but there’s no stool. It causes numerous digestive problems and is very likely the #1 undiagnosed health condition worldwide as virtually all health problems that people experience can be directly connected back to it!

The key is first finding out if you’re exhibiting symptoms of candida overgrowth and then taking the steps to stop the overgrowth!

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Source by Ryan Shea

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